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Xulon Press
Manuscript screening: No, but this is a specialized publisher
Kind of contract: Non-exclusive.
Distribution: Online retailers mostly. Distribution via their own site is a $199.00 extra.
Basic fees: Paperback publishing Basic paperback fee is $1,699.00.
Hardcover publishing Unknown
Combo publishing Unknown
Color publishing Apparently available, but set-up fee is not listed.
eBook publishing eBook publishing is a $399.00 add-on.
Royalties are listed as 50% of net receipts in one place and as 75% of net receipts in another. Prices are capped at $9.99.
Royalties: Royalties are 100% of net recipts on external sales and 75% of net receipts on direct sales (beware: in direct sales, before calculating your 75% of 'net receipts', they subtract a $2.50 'shopping cart admin fee', so your percentage is highly misleading. According to their online example, your real world royalties add up to a little less than 60% of net receipts).
Author's discount: Author's discount is 30%, bulk discounts do apply.
Break-even point: Between 500 and 700 copies of an average length paperback sold through external channels.
Basic retail price: Slightly expensive ($15.99 for a 200-page book)
Layout: They will prepare the manuscript for you, though their manuscript preparation guidelines hint at a rather amateurish process.
Graphics: Up to 20.
Cover options: They will design one for you.
Trim size: You have a number of trim sizes to choose from.
Additional options: They have a number of additional packages with fees that can reach up to $4,999.00.
Pros*: *Good royalties.
*Good distribution.
*This is a specialized publisher.
Cons*: *Expensive setup fee.
*Average to low author's discount.
*Slightly expensive retail price.
*Add-on fee for eBook distribution is extremely expensive.
*distribution via their own site is a rather expensive extra.
*A way of tallying royalties on direct sales that borders on being dishonest.
Comments*: This is a Christian publisher.
The Bottom Line*:

A fee of well over $1,500.00, a dishonest way of figuring out your royalties, a less than ideal author's discount and the fact that things as basic as direct distribution are billed as 'extras' combine to make this publisher a less than appealing option.

Visit the publisher's site
Last updated: 04-02-2013

* These represent my personal opinion based on what I've seen in the publisher's site.

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