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Manuscript screening: Yes
Kind of contract: Exclusive
2+2=5 No termination clause until two years have elapsed or after 2,000 copies have been sold.
Distribution: Through their site and online retailers mostly
Basic fees: Paperback publishing Unknown, basic paperback fee used to be $495.00.
Hardcover publishing Not available
Combo publishing Not available
Color publishing Not available
eBook publishing eBook publishing is apparently bundled into their package (this is probably not a good thing).
Royalties are 20% of retail price, which borders on the absurd (though, to be fair, the fact that their eBook prices average $17.00 means that, at least when it comes to amazon, their royalties are likely to be 35%).
Royalties: Royalties are 20% of retail price on external sales and 40% on direct sales. No royalties are paid on the first three copies sold in each quarter.
Author's discount: Discount is 40% of retail price, bulk discounts may apply.
Break-even point: Less than 200 copies of an average length book sold through external channels.
Basic retail price: Extremly expensive when compared to an average book but they deal mostly with technical books, so that may well depend on the book's subject matter ($25.95 for a 200-page book)
Layout: Unknown.
Graphics: Unknown.
Cover options: Unknown.
Trim size: No choice in terms of trim size..
Pros*: *Good royalties.
*Good distribution.
*This is a specialized publisher.
Cons*: *Exclusive contract without a termination clause.
*They have a single book size available (5.5x8.5 in.), and while this is a standard paperback size, the fact is that technical books sometimes require more flexibility than that.
*There is an administrative fee in the form of all royalties for the first three copies sold in any given quarter. This can become a serious issue for a book with a very limited audience.
*There are a lot of questions their site does not answer.
*eBook publishing is bundled into their service package.

As a lot of information is no longer publicly available, so chances are that the information presented here is seriously outdated.

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Last updated: 04-04-2013

* These represent my personal opinion based on what I've seen in the publisher's site.

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