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Manuscript screening: No
Kind of contract: Non-Exclusive
Distribution: Through their site and some online retailers
Basic fees: Paperback publishing Basic paperback fee is $399.00.
Hardcover publishing Unknown
Combo publishing Unknown
Color publishing Basic color publishing fee is $1,099.00.
eBook publishing Kindle publishing is $199.00, Nook publishing is another $199.00 and iPad publishing is $699.00, though apparently there is a 15% discount for Outskirts published authors. With the exception of their most expensive package where it is bundled in, eBook publishing is an add-on with a $135.00. Format is Kindle-only.
Royalties are 100% of net receipts.
Royalties: '100%' above a 'Base price' (this base-price varies considerably depending on the publishing package selected by the author, though I assume that their real printing costs remain constant). Unclear how it works for direct sales.
Author's discount: Authors can purchase copies of their book paying only the base price.
Break-even point: Between 400 and 500 copies of an average length paperback (200 pages) sold through external channels using an average retail price ($14.95) with a 40% discount.
Basic retail price: You set your own retail price. Potentially competitive (you can easily get it below the $14.95 mark for an average length book), though this jumps to somewhat expensive if you go for a standard 10% of retail price using their $399.00 package (in that case your retail price would be $16.95)
Layout: A basic interior layout is included.
Graphics: Unknown.
Cover options: You have to supply your own, though they do have a template driven cover generator to help you along (6 templates are available to you under the package reviewed here), otherwise it is an extra.
Trim size: You have three trim sizes to choose from.
Additional options: They have a $699.00 package which expands considerably your distribution options, increases your royalties and doubles the number of trim sizes and cover templates that are available to you. It may be worth mentioning that, because of their royalty payment structure, this package actually has a break-even point that is lower than that of their less expensive option. They also have a $199.00 package offering no distribution whatsoever, and a $999.00 package that adds some marketing help, more cover templates and trim sizes and a lower base price.
Pros*: *Good distribution.
*Control over the retail price.
*Authors set their own royalties.
*Good deal when it comes to their eBook royalties.
Cons*: *Fairly expensive setup fee.
*Royalties are the same for internal and external sales (?).
*They claim '100% royalties' by bundling their own profits into a so-called 'base price'.
*eBook packages are ridiculously expensive.
Comments*: This is one instance in which the lower your set-up fee, the higher your break even point. Personally I find the way in which they bundle their profits into a base price while claiming to offer 100% royalties to border on the dishonest.

If you actually want to read their agreement you may want to copy the whole thing to a blank document because their embedded version is all but unreadable.
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Last updated: 04-04-2013

* These represent my personal opinion based on what I've seen in the publisher's site.

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