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Manuscript screening: Yes
Kind of contract: Non-Exclusive
2+2=5 Links to their B& W print contract appear to be broken. At least when it comes to color books and eBooks they reserve the right to modify the terms of the agreement.
Distribution: Through their site and amazon.com. Distribution by Ingram (i.e. other retailers) is a $150.00 extra.
Basic fees: Paperback publishing Basic paperback fee is $799.00.
Hardcover publishing They mention a $200.00 hardcover extra. It is unclear if this refers to a combo or just to a hardcover.
Combo publishing
Color publishing Basic color publishing is $999.00
eBook publishing eBook publishing is an add-on with a separate contract. Fee is $499.00
Royalties range from 35 to 50% of net receipts.
Royalties: Royalties are 10% of retail price on externa sales and 30% on direct sales.
Author's discount: Discount is 30% of retail price bulk disconts are available.
Break-even point: Between 400 and 500 copies (approximation based on external sales of an average length book, see comments).
Basic retail price: Somewhat expensive (about $15.95 for a 200-page book, see comments).
Layout: They will set your book up for you.
Graphics: Up to 7 graphics free of charge, more can be purchased as an extra.
Cover options: They provide you with a cover design.
Trim size: You have a number of trim sizes to choose from.
Additional options: They offer a number of marketing packages. They also offer a $499.00 package that features no distribution.
Pros*: *Good distribution.
*Manuscript screening.
Cons*: *Fairly expensive setup fee.
*Depending on discount, retail price can be somewhat expensive.
*They pretty much demand that you hire an editor. This can add considerably to your publishing costs.
*There is a problem with their contract.
*Extremely expensive eBook fee.
*While in most instances the terms offered by POD publishers when it comes to eBooks are less than ideal, this publisher's offering is particularly weak.
Comments*: You can lower your book's price by reducing the discount but doing so also reduces your own royalties and causes you to have to sell more books in order to break even.

There is an apparent contradiction between their FAQ where they say that your book is automatically setup in the Ingram Database and their 'Pricing' page, where they list Ingram Distribution as a $150.00 extra.
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Last updated: 04-04-2013

* These represent my personal opinion based on what I've seen in the publisher's site.

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