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Manuscript screening: No
Kind of contract: Non-Exclusive
2+2=5 They reserve the right to modify the terms of the agreement given 30 days electronic notice to the author.

Their contract does not stipulate what your royalties are supposed to be, just when they are supposed to be paid.
Distribution: Their site and some online retailers. Others can be added to by the purchase of their 'Extended Distibution' package (a $249.00 extra).
Basic fees: Paperback publishing Basic paperback fee is $599.00.
Hardcover publishing Basic Hardcover fee is $849.00 ($949.00 with a dustjacket)
Combo publishing Unknown
Color publishing Basic color publishing fee is $699.00
eBook publishing eBook publishing is an add-on with a $199.00 set-up fee for a simple layout and $349.00 for a more complex one.
Royalties are from 70% of net receipts. A discount for authors using their regular publishing services may apply.
Royalties: Royalties are 30% of retail price on direct sales and 15% of wholesale price on external sale (roughly 9% of retail price).
Author's discount: Discount is 40% of retail price plus wholesale 10% royalties.
Break-even point: Between 300 and 400 copies (approximation based on sales of an average length book through external channels)
Basic retail price: Competitive ($13.95 for a 200-page book).
Layout: They will format your book for you.
Graphics: You can include as many graphics as you want.
Cover options: They will design one for you.
Trim size: You have a number of trim sizes to choose from (this number varies depending on where in their site you happen to look for it though).
Additional options: They offer a number of 'all-inclusive' packages named after famous authors and ranging in price from $1,499.00 to $5,199.00.
Pros*: *Competitive retail price.
*Books are returnable at no extra cost.
Cons*: *Low royalties
*Distribution may be rather limited unless you purchase their 'External Distribution' package.
*Expensive to very expensive setup fee depending on whether or not you want and additional distribution.
*The fact that they define their external royalties based on the wholesale rather than the retail price can be described as misleading.
*No manuscript screening.
*There are some issues with their contract.
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Last updated: 04-03-2013

* These represent my personal opinion based on what I've seen in the publisher's site.

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