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Equilibrium Books
Manuscript screening: Yes
Kind of contract: Non-Exclusive (?)
Distribution: Through their site
Basic fees: Paperback publishing Basic paperback fee ranges from AUD $199.00 to AUD $499.00 depending on your word-count.
Hardcover publishing Not available
Combo publishing Not available
Color publishing Not available
eBook publishing Kindle only as an AUD $49.00/ AUD $99.00 extra (depending on word count).
Royalties: Royalties are 13.5% of sale price (beware, this is not the same as suggested retail price but rather it translates into payments received by the publisher).
Author's discount: Discount is 27.5% of retail price as listed on their website plus royalties for a 40% discount.
Break-even point: Less than 200 copies of an average length book sold through external channels (this may be theoretical as distribution seems to be through their site mostly).
Basic retail price: Ridiculously expensive when compared to US prices but I'm not sure how this stacks when compared to the average book price in Australia (AUD $25.95 for a 200-page book).
Layout: They will format your book for you.
Graphics: About a dozen graphics are allowed, color inserts are an option.
Cover options: They provide you with a rather basic one or you can supply your own.
Trim size: A single trim size is available (A5).
Additional options: For short works with no graphics they offer a fee-free option in which authors must purchase 25 copies of their book rather than pay a fee.
Pros*: *Reasonable setup fee.
*They screen manuscripts.
*Color inserts are an option.
Cons*: *Limited distribution.
*Low royalties considering the fact that these are direct sales.
*Uncompetitive retail price (based on U.S. retail prices, I'm not familiar with book prices in Australia).
*Single trim size available.
Comments*: This publisher is based in Australia and that may make it appealing for local authors. It does not seek a global presence.

They may offer some local distribution beyond their site, but I have no way to check this out.
Visit the publisher's site
Last updated: 04-03-2013

Sections: Home/Blog/Books Frida Saal Fanfiction POD Comparison Contact us!

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