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Manuscript screening: No
Kind of contract: Exclusive
2+2=5 Their contract is no longer online, but it used to be exclusive (and their site used to go to great lengths to blur the line between the fact that you retain your copyright and the nature of their contract. That 'blurring language' remains).
Distribution: Through their site and online retailers mostly
Basic fees: Paperback publishing Basic paperback fee is ₤750.00.
Hardcover publishing Unknown
Combo publishing Unknown
Color publishing Basic color publishing fee is ₤750.00 (?).
eBook publishing While some sort of eBook production is listed as part of their package, a full fledged eBook publishing package with distribution will set you back ₤249.00 (₤199.00 if you are using their standard service). Royalties are 60% of net receipts.
Royalties: Royalties are 60% of net receipts.
Author's discount: Authors can purchase copies of their own books paying their printing costs plus 25% of retail price.
Break-even point: Unknown given that they don't explain what their basic retail price happens to be (probably between 300 and 400 copies based on average prices).
Basic retail price: Unknown.
Layout: They format your book to their standards.
Graphics: 12 graphics are included in the standard setup fee (? This information is based on an old incarnation of their site).
Cover options: They will supply you with a basic cover or you can sumit your own.
Trim size: You have a number of trim sizes to choose from.
Additional options: They offer a 'ready to print ready service' that costs ₤299.00, where you must submit print-ready PDFs. They also offer a 'basic service' that has a set-up fee of ₤399.00, where they will convert a pre-formatted Word document to PDF for you. In addition to these they also offer an 'enhanced service' deal that will set you back ₤1,550.00.
Pros*: *Good distribution.
*Good royalties.
*Good discount.
Cons*: *Moderately expensive setup fee.
*Exclusive contract.
Comments*: This is a UK-based publisher.
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Last updated: 04-03-2013

* These represent my personal opinion based on what I've seen in the publisher's site.

Sections: Home/Blog/Books Frida Saal Fanfiction POD Comparison Contact us!

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