Plot 101
Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: The Sentinel
Rating: 13+
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Plot 101

As they walked into the loft Jim knew he was in for a rough couple of hours. Sure, they had managed to catch Brad, and even his dad's money probably wouldn't allow him to buy his way out of that mess, but Blair had gotten wet, and as he had made clear from the very beginning, Blair didn't do cold and wet.

- I'm telling you, Jim, we should stage some sort of rally or something. I mean, this is getting well past ridiculous.

- Chief, we are fictional characters. There is NO WAY for us to organize a rally. Besides, this is not the first time they get you wet. Sure, you don't like it, but you've never reacted like this before.

- I'm not saying I'm happy about getting soaked yet again, but that is not my main problem. I'm not going to deny that I'm a little pissed by this particular stunt, I mean, they drowned me just two episodes ago, and not only that, they left me dead for months before the powers that be decided to bring me back, but that's not the point here.

- So what's your point?

- The point is that the whole episode just didn't make one lick of sense. I mean, Brad may be an arrogant, smug bastard but he is not supposed to be stupid, and the whole plot rested on his stupidity. First, if he was planning to get away with Suzanne, and he said that he intended to do just that, he had no reason to ask Rick to write that paper for him. If he hadn't turned in that paper I never would have learned about Jill's rape or gone after him. We had nothing to connect him to the murder other than that photo that showed him talking to Connie Roberts, and all posturing aside, his story that he knew her because she worked for his father probably would have been enough to have that dismissed. With Ms. Roberts out of the country we had no way of getting anywhere near him.

- You have a point, but maybe he made the deal with Rick before he and Suzanne decided to get away. That plan may have come only after the murder. We know that was an accident.

- I think they intended to get away before they killed Dennis, but even if that was not part of their original plan, by the time I called Brad on that fraudulent paper the decision had been made for sure. He had no reason to care about his grade at all. He could have made some vague, token threat and left it at that. I mean, my involvement with the PD is not exactly a secret. In fact it was mentioned by his lawyer during the meeting with Chancellor Edwards...

- That woman is going to cause trouble. I can feel it.

- Well, duh... Why else would they bring her in? But getting back to what I was saying, even if he had turned in that paper and I had confronted Rick and found out about what happened between Brad and Jill, there is still a very long way from buying a paper and even date rape, to being considered as a prime suspect in a murder investigation that had no apparent connection to the university in the first place. Besides, you were obviously not listening to me. It was only the rent-a-thug incident that finally made you and Simon acknowledge how much trouble Brad could be. What I'm trying to say is that if he hadn't done everything he possibly could to stay in the picture we probably wouldn't even have considered him, at least not before he and Suzanne had fled the country.

- But that's why they did it. The writers knew he had to be in your face for the episode to work.

- And that's exactly what I'm saying. It doesn't make any sense. We should do something before it gets so bad that they decide to cancel the show. Things are getting way out of hand. I mean, take last week's episode for example.

- Not that I'm all that fond of it either, but what about it?

- From an anthropological perspective, I can tell you that Mexico is nothing like what they depicted... and that temple, don't even get me started on that temple.

- You are just mad because we didn't get to film on location.

- I'm not denying that going someplace warm would have been a really nice change, but I understand that we have to work with a shoestring budget. No, the problem has to do with armored vehicles racing down the streets of a small mexican town, and the fact that I'm supposed to be an anthropologist. I'd like to see a little more respect for that fact. Even though I'm no archeologist, both disciplines are close enough for me to tell you that whoever came up with that cheesy temple didn't have a clue about pre-Columbian civilizations, architecture or iconography. In fact after seeing what they did I'm not even sure that they know where Mexico is at all. I bet they are convinced that Mexico shares a common border with Peru.

- OK, so they could have done a little more research to make that episode believable, but they have made worse mistakes than that, and you have never reacted like this before.

- Name one.

- Let's see. They made me introduce you to Simon as a cousin on my mother's side, but I haven't had any contact with my mother since before you were born. That sure makes sense.

- OK, I agree that was not too bright either.

- Or how about the fact that even though you are afraid of heights they have you climbing every tree they can find?

- Please don't remind me.

- So yes, the plot of tonight's episode was not exactly textbook logic, but that is nothing new.

- It may be nothing new, but it wasn't just illogical, it was also cold and wet.

- Didn't you say that the fact that you ended up cold and wet was not the point?

- Have I told you that I hate it when you use my own words against me?

- More than once. Good night, Chief. Who knows, maybe next week they'll do better.

- I doubt it. Last I heard, they were planning to bring Kincaid back.

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