In the Closet
Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: The Sentinel
Rating: 13+
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In the Closet

I pull the box out of its usual place in the back of my closet... as always there's some dust on it and that makes me sneeze when I open it. I guess that's pretty normal, seeing how I only pull the thing out once a year. I have a picture, two picture frames and a misshaped clay dog in it. This year I'll be adding a really ugly flowerpot to my collection. I don't know why I'm saving this junk... I guess because I have no choice but to make it in the first place but at the same time there's nothing I can do with it. Who am I supposed to give it to anyways?

I remember that last year Steven was in first grade. He got stuck making a picture frame and he tried to give it to Sally... dad was furious and Stevie didn't really understand why. I tried to explain it to him but I don't think he got it... maybe it was because I didn't really explain it all that well, after all at times I still don't understand it myself. I remember how back when I was in second grade I tried to give my picture to my teacher... she was really nice but dad got mad about that one too and it was Sally who explained it to me.

Anyway now Steven has his own box and I'm pretty sure he'll be adding something to it today.

For me it's been the same thing for years now, ever since the first grade, so I'm kind of used to it all. Dad wants me to have perfect grades and I know that refusing to participate in some stupid project would get me in trouble so I just go along with it, besides, what else am I supposed to do? If it were homework maybe I just wouldn't do it, even if that meant getting dad mad at me, but it's not homework so I can't even do that.

It's the same thing every year. Each year during the first week of May we spend one hour a day working on our Mother's Day presents while we are in school because they are supposed to be a big surprise and everybody gets really excited. Well, the good news is that at least this year my teacher didn't ask me to participate in the school festival 'cos she knew there was no way my mom was going to be attending anyways... of course, I was still stuck watching the rehearsals but at least I wasn't making a fool of myself.

I remember the festival two years ago. I wasn't supposed to participate then either but one of the guys came down with chickenpox and I ended up having to cover for him. It was weird, especially 'cos everyone else's parents were there, all dressed up and pretending that the whole thing didn't suck big time. I ended up walking home alone afterwards.

I'm betting it will be just like that this year too. I bet their moms won't like it but they'll still pretend that they do.

The good news is that it's over for another year and I can finally forget all about it. That's the thought that goes through my mind as I close the box and push it back into my closet, back into the dark corner where it belongs.

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