Chance Encounters
Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: The Sentinel / ???
Rating: 13+
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Chance Encounters

The worst part is that, save for the fact that I met my brother, today could almost be described as an average day and that is a disturbing thought... well at least now I know I can blame my luck on my genes.

I'm staring at the ceiling, going over the day's events. I'm too hyper to go to sleep right now, and there's no way I'm going to be taking any of those pain killers the doctor gave me any time soon. Yes, I'm a little sore but that's nothing new and I have too much to think about so I really don't feel like being doped out of my mind right now.

I still can't believe that I have a brother, or rather two half brothers (though I've only met one of them so far). I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that concept, and just the thought of having a name to fill in for that question mark that's always been my father is another thing that has thrown me for a loop... I wonder what Robert Sanders is like.

The day began almost like any other day until Jim and I answered a call concerning a robbery in progress, a call that would normally be initially handled by the boys in blue, except it wasn't because it matched the MO of a string of hits on high-end jewelries that have been going on for the past three weeks and had already landed on our desks. By the time we got there things were pretty much under control --thanks to some quick thinking by a photographer-- and it seemed like the rest of the day was likely to be pretty slow, seeing how we had several witnesses to question now that we had finally had a break in the case. I am the first to admit I was wrong about that. We returned to the station --with our quick-thinking photographer following us in a car that made my Volvo look like a Ferrari-- and then we ran a routine background check on him. That's when things got strange. His record was disturbing to say the least. The man had been involved in more police cases than some veteran detectives I know.

One thing I was curious about was his name though, and I couldn't help but ask him about it. I mean, being Naomi's son I've known a few Sunshines and Rivers and Rains and Rainbows and even some more exotic choices, but I had never met someone named Chance before. At first he tried to shrug off my questions, but eventually he told me that that was the name his adoptive parents had given him after he was the sole survivor of a plane crash when he was a toddler, that his birth name was in fact Alex Sanders. That was the first inkling I had to the fact that he was an even bigger trouble magnet than I could ever hope to be, but I didn't really give it much thought at the time.

For one reason or another Chance spent most of his day with us. Somehow we seemed to click at some instinctive level from the very beginning... well, at least we managed to stay out of each other's way, and no one got killed in the process, so things were good, though both Jim and Simon seemed to be on the brink of a heart attack more than once.

Today we had --in addition to this morning's armed robbery-- two hostage crises, a high speed chase, a bomb threat by some terrorist wannabes and a student going psycho at Rainier... that was the one that landed me in the hospital with a few cuts and bruises, a dislocated shoulder and a Jim in blessed-protector mode. It was while we were waiting in that crowded ER that I finally realized that Chance is actually my brother (he was grazed by a bullet, but other than that he's fine). As I said, it was a pretty average day except for the fact that I found my brother.

I think Chance too was happy to discover that he has a younger brother. He promised that he'll stay in touch and he'll even try to arrange a family get-together. I'm really looking forward to meeting my dad and my other brother, but as Chance pointed out with our luck we can't really afford to make any formal plans, still he is hoping that both of them will drop by Cascade sometime in the near future... and I think SImon is already making the necessary arrangements to have the National Guard on stand-by for the event. Seriously, what could possibly go wrong with our little family reunion?

Author's Note: This story is a spot the crossover fic, however the second show is somewhat obscure. In case you were left scratching your head, the second show is... select the text in parethesis to see the answer (Strange Luck).

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