Bugging Me
Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: The Sentinel
Rating: 13+
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Bugging Me

The strange sound woke me up over half an hour ago and my life has been hell ever since. There's an intruder in the loft, one I am having a hard time fighting with my senses going haywire because of her presence... yes, I know it's a she, and I have the excruciating pain I can't quite dial down to prove it. I have tried to take her down but so far I've been unsuccessful. It's not that my enemy is hiding, I can see her clearly enough, nor is it that I have a problem when confronted with the idea of killing her. My problem is that she refuses to stay still long enough for me to launch a frontal attack and while I know chemical warfare would be the most effective course of action I am aware it's not an option... not to mention that Sandburg took it upon himself to rid the loft of all potential hazards to my health when he moved in years ago and that has left me unarmed.

I must confess she caught me totally unaware. I never heard her enter the loft so I was sleeping peacefully after a long day when I first sensed her approach... by the time I identified her it was already too late. She was upon me and I was helpless to defend myself as she launched her most vicious attack. She has overwhelmed my senses from the moment I became aware of her presence. First it was my hearing --and that's one sense I'm still having a hard time controlling-- then came touch, that burning sensation in my arm, an agony that caught me by surprise even though I had already realized she was near by. Sight hasn't been so bad, though twice already I've been on the verge of a zone out as I attempt to track her every move in the moonlight. Luckily taste and smell have so far escaped her assault but I can't help but feel like she has me cornered, like she's mocking me with her every move.

I know Sandburg would have a fit if I were to tell him how much trouble I'm having right now but I won't. He doesn't need to know and at least I can take some comfort in the knowledge that this intruder won't harm him.

The buzzing in my ears is getting louder again and I see my enemy coming closer. I take another swipe at her but it makes no difference, she's still here and I'm aware I'm running out of options... or rather out of options that are unlikely to wake my guide. I have considered the possibility of just shooting her but I know that approach is not only unlikely to succeed but also that it would be extremely difficult to explain.

Who would have thought that one of the most formidable enemies I have faced in a very long time, one that has had me in constant agony for so long would turn out to be, out of all things, a mosquito?!

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