In the Genes (series)
A guide to the 'In the Genes' series
Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: Stargate SG-1/ Buffy
Rating: 13+
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Buffy, the Vampire Slayer


The Sentinel

Stargate: SG-1
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Birds of a Feather

In the Genes

A Watcher's Son


Summary: Could one of Sam's 'dumb ideas' help the Asgard solve their cloning problems?
Status: COMPLETE!!!
Last updated: May 15, 2006

In the Genes
Author's notes
Chapter 1: And You Call THAT Simple?!
Chapter 2: Girl Power
Chapter 3: Who's That Girl?
Chapter 4: A Balancing Act
Chapter 5: Hacker vs Hacker
Chapter 6: I've Got a Feeling We're Not in Kansas... err, Colorado... Anymore
Chapter 7: Getting to Know You
Chapter 8: It's a Kind of Magic
Chapter 9: Best Kept Secrets... Sort Of
Chapter 10: It's All About Potential
Chapter 11: One World, Two Visions
Chapter 12: Goa'uld, Asgard and Vampires... Oh My!
Chapter 13: Back to School
Chapter 14: What's in a Clone?
Chapter 15: The Key of the Matter
Chapter 16: What hangs in the Balance
Chapter 17: 'Simple' Is Such a Deceptively Simple Word
Chapter 18: Somewhere Between 'Now' and 'Not Now'
Chapter 19: Unlikely Threats
Chapter 20: In a Maze Without a Thread
Chapter 21: How Soon Is Soon Enough?
Chapter 22: And a Little Child Shall Lead Them
Chapter 23: Hope Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Chapter 24: To Old Friends and New Friends... Maybe
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