The One To Claim The Prize
Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: Highlander
Rating: 13+
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The One To Claim The Prize

Wetness, that was the first thing he felt as he gasped for breath when he came back to life. The air filling his lungs was hot, it was burning him... as his last breath had. He could not tell how long had he been buried, how long had it been since his world ended.

He looked around, searching for something he could use as a sword, should the need arise, but there was nothing there. Carefully he took a peek out of the ruins of what had been his grave, the city was nowhere to be seen. He could see nothing but an uninhabited land, without the faintest trace of human population, mortal or immortal. He couldn't even see traces of the volcano that had buried him alive.

With some difficulty he crawled out from under the remains of what was once his house, got to his feet and started walking, almost unaware of his own nakedness. He had to find someone, find out how long had it been, and most of all, he needed to find a blade. It was imperative, he was too easy a prey for any hunting immortal. Then he noticed them, the trees, old and standing where no tree should be. He fought to stay in control as he took a careful look of the world around him. There were no familiar landmarks, there was a stream, which had apparently eroded the rocks that had once imprisoned him. But erosion was such a slow process. He approached the trees trying to identify them, but they were unlike any tree he could remember. He struggled to recall every tree he had seen in his many journeys, and still he drew a blank. The trees were different as were the birds' cries, even the air smelled different.

He walked on for many days, hunting as he went with his bare hands. The animals were unafraid, as if no human had ever crossed their forest. He ate some fruits, all of them strange, some were bitter, some made him sick, probably they would have been deadly had he been mortal, but he wasn't.

Gradually it began to sink in. He was alone, by chance he had won the prize, he was the last immortal. He was overwhelmed with joy. He had achieved what he had dreamt for centuries. There would be no more challenges. He would rule the world for all times and no one would ever oppose his power. And then it hit him. There was no one left to oppose his power. He was doomed to walk the earth alone til the end of time in a world that hadn't been inhabited by man for millions of years.

And so, in despair, the winner claimed the prize.

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