The Gift
Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: Highlander
Rating: 13+
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The Gift

He had always enjoyed the first few days of winter. The beauty of the first snowfall, the excitement of those last few days leading up to Christmas. Of course, the fact that his birthday coincided with the winter's solstice contributed to his enjoyment of those days. Even though he had lived through more birthdays than there are days in a year, every year he still looked forward to that day with as much excitement as a child.

His eyes fell on the other person in the loft, Methos, who didn't even know when his birthday was. He tried to imagine once again what being that old would feel like, but failed miserably. Of course, there were a couple of advantages to not knowing when the Old Man's birthday was. The first one was that a cake with over five thousand candles, could almost certainly be described as a fire-hazard... not to mention that whatever was left after the candles had been blown out probably could not be described as edible (at least not from a mortal's point of view). The second advantage was being spared having to answer the question "What do I get a five thousand year-old for his birthday?" every year.

But having asked himself that hypothetical question he couldn't keep himself from trying to come up with an answer. The main obstacle was that he had never quite been able to figure out how did that corkscrew that the Old Man called his brain work... what could a man who had seen and tried everything through out history want?

He knew a little about what the Old Man liked and disliked, so he knew that a truckload of beer was always an open (albeit a little too obvious) option. But probably what the Old Man wanted most of all was something he missed, something that had been swallowed up by time many millennia ago. He thought of all he knew about Methos and was surprised to discover that he had not only found an answer to his question, but that it was something he could actually give him... if he could talk him into it, that is.

"Methos, when is your birthday?'

He had answered that question many times, always with a lie, but he couldn't help but feel surprised when MacLeod asked it.

"You know I don't know"

"Well, you must have one."

"Oh, I probably do, I just don't know when."

"Then choose one, I don't mind. You have plenty of days to choose from."

"I don't need a birthday."

"But there is something I want you to do for me for your birthday."

"MacLeod, I know I am no expert on the matter, so please correct me if I'm wrong," Methos said with an amused grin, "but shouldn't this birthday present business be the other way around?"

"You just said yourself that you don't need a birthday, so why are you complaining about this now? Besides, you don't even know what am I going to ask for." He pouted.

"Okay, and what do you want for MY birthday?"

"I want you to teach me your language."

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