Missing Details
Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer / ???
Rating: 13+
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Missing Details

The three characters were staring at the screen in total dismay. They were well aware that fanfic writers could be careless at times but as far as they were concerned this was taking things way too far. Sure, the basic setup for the scene sounded simple enough, though not terribly original. What the author had written was simply 'Willow was kissing Sam passionately'.

That didn't seem that hard but unfortunately that was all the author had written and that did present a bit of a problem, one they were trying --without much success-- to sort out to the best of their abilities.

To do that Sam Carter suggested that they make a list of Willow's known attributes, in an attempt to determine just who the best match happened to be. Seeing how that seemed to be a reasonable suggestion, the other two agreed almost immediately.

First of all there was no denying that Willow was a witch.

That fact by itself seemed to make Samantha Stephens a leading candidate for the role, however the older woman was far from comfortable at the thought. Having come into being as a sitcom character in the early sixties, she was more than a little uncomfortable with the whole idea so she pointed out the fact that she was definitely straight, happily married and the mother of two. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried to protest, she couldn't quite talk the other two into ruling her out... especially because Willow herself was openly gay.

The second thing they knew for sure was that Willow was a hacker.

That, Sam Carter was forced to admit, meant that she was a very real possibility. The problem was that she was deeply committed to the military and couldn't help but cringe at the thought of what would happen to her career if someone were to find her kissing another woman.

The third thing they knew was that, ever since she was a teenager, Willow had been fighting the forces of darkness.

As a result Sam Winchester couldn't help but acknowledge that their paths could easily have crossed at some point. Of course, he also tried to argue that --since he was male and Willow was clearly gay-- he wasn't exactly the most likely candidate. Unfortunately the other two didn't hesitate to remind him that, given that neither one of them was gay, the author in question obviously had no qualms about messing around with the characters' sexual orientation and besides, back when she was in high school, Willow had indeed dated a guy so there was no way Sam was getting away so easily.

The three Sams kept on arguing about their current predicament for hours but, seeing how they had no additional information to go by, there was no way they could ever hope to come to an agreement. In other words, they were basically stuck, wondering what on earth the fanfic author had been thinking when she wrote the line 'Willow was kissing Sam passionately'.

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