A Watcher's Son
Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: The Sentinel / Buffy, the Vampire Slayer / Highlander
Rating: 13+
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A Watcher's Son



I look around the table and I do my best to keep the smirk off my face. Tonight for the first time Jim and I are joining in the fun. The truth is that it was unavoidable. Just like Major Crimes has its weekly poker night the new Council has these little get-togethers --which are more than a little redundant considering the fact that we actually live together, but that's another story-- and it is all but impossible not to participate. In a tribal setting I would describe this as a communal ritual designed to strengthen the tribesmen sense of common identity... or maybe that would just serve as a nice excuse. We are surrounded by the usual group of a watcher, a slayer, two witches, a key, an Immortal and a vampire... nothing new there, what's different is what we are doing.

It was Andrew who first came up with the idea to blow off some steam, of course, but it was quickly accepted by most of the others, including my father... and that's just too weird to contemplate. Jim and I are the new arrivals to the game and while I'm having a blast, Jim is struggling with the whole concept. I can also see why Spike was so adamant that something had to be done to keep Dawn away from here, the girl is definitely scary, and even though I haven't played this game often I can see that Andrew is an excellent master.

Jim is having a hard time, silent and stoic he is an action oriented kind of guy and this is definitely not his idea of fun, poker he can handle, basketball he loves but this is certainly not his cup of tea. And speaking of avid tea drinkers, my father seems to be enjoying himself though he isn't having much luck... I think the dice really don't like him. Andrew and Xander are naturals at the game, no surprise there. Willow and Tara's styles are revealing in that they don't necessarily match what I would have expected out of them, especially when it comes to Tara whose style is far more assertive than I would have anticipated. Methos is letting his inner strategist loose and having some fun while at it, though luckily he is clearly holding back, otherwise it would have been over a long time ago, he is more interested in keeping the game going than in beating us and that's what's keeping us 'alive'. Buffy is being Buffy, a little too straight forward sometimes but always a worthy opponent. Spike is laughing himself silly and me, I'm mostly watching them... even if I'm not supposed to be a watcher.

And so here we are, a sentinel and a shaman joining our little family --which includes a watcher, a vampire and a vampire slayer-- in their weekly game of "Vampire, the Masquerade". Maybe next week we should ask Simon to join us.

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