A Watcher's Son
Youth Gone Wild
Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: The Sentinel / Buffy, the Vampire Slayer / Highlander
Rating: 13+
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A Watcher's Son


Youth Gone Wild

I try glaring at them but it doesn't do much good. I'm still trying to figure out what on Earth could these three possibly have been thinking. Why would they want to bring Spike back to begin with? I know Buffy has a soft spot when it comes to the bleached vampire that I'll never understand, but Willow should have known better. In fact I remember having a serious talk with her after she brought Buffy back, but now it seems that was a wasted effort... and Blair... I should be able to trust my son to put his foot down sometimes, especially when it comes to harebrained ideas such as this one. It's a matter of common sense.

"Would you mind telling me just what the hell did you think you were doing?"

"Completing the Council." Comes Buffy's totally unrepentant reply.

"You want a vampire to be part of the Council? Are you out of your bloody minds?"

"An ensouled vampire and no."

"Angel is already working with us so don't give me that and I don't think we need two ensouled vampires. We are supposed to be fighting against vampires here. Am I the only one who remembers that? You are supposed to be a vampire slayer!"

"No, I haven't forgotten that, and I agree that we don't necessarily need two ensouled vampires in the Council, I'll give you that. It's just that we need the right one and that's not Angel."

"What do you mean the right vampire?"

"I said what I meant. Yes, we need an ensouled vampire but that vampire is not Angel, it is Spike."

"And you say this based on your infinite wisdom?" I say not even bothering to try to conceal my sarcasm.

"No, I say it because it's true. Angel's soul is a fluke --a curse-- he didn't earn it... besides, Spike was meant to be brought back, you just don't want to see it."

"And how do you know that? You saw that someone you thought of as a friend was dead and you decided to mess with the most basic forces of nature...again. I expected you of all people to know better."

"This is nothing like what they did when they brought me back, you are right, I do know better, so maybe you should try getting all your facts before you start yelling at us."

"And if you were so sure why did you go behind my back? You did it because you knew it was wrong and you knew I would have stopped you."

"No, actually we went behind your back because we feared you might actually have approved of what we were about to do."

"That doesn't make the least bit of sense."

"What would you have done if we had been able to prove to you that Spike was meant to be brought back?"

"I would have told you to do it."

"And if after that we had decided not to do it?"

"If you had evidence that his restoration was necessary, and you wanted to restore him to begin with, why would my approval have changed that?"

"Because this wasn't about your approval or what the Powers felt we had to do... and it certainly wasn't about what I wanted. The choice was Spike's and the truth is that --after everything that has happened between the two of you-- I just wasn't sure I could trust you to respect his decision."

"And just how did he choose? He was dead!"

"I asked him. I took a nice little stroll down the Spirit Plane and asked him... and while we are at it, I think you are being totally unfair to Buffy here." Interrupts Blair.

"I'm being unfair?" I say, sorely tempted to introduce my son to Ripper.

"Yes, maybe you should ask yourself why she felt she couldn't trust you before you start yelling at her."

"She should have told me about this!"

"And if you hadn't tried to have Spike killed because you felt he wasn't good enough for her then maybe she would have."

"I had my reasons."

"Yes, they were your reasons but it wasn't your call, dad. I know what happened and if Buffy chose to forgive him for what he did to her then that was her right and you should have respected her decision, even if you didn't agree with it. You didn't."

"Maybe, but nothing I've heard so far is evidence that Spike was meant to be brought back... and that includes the fact that you felt it was necessary to give him a say on the matter. What, did he tell you that the Powers wanted him to be brought back and you just took his word for it?"

"No, actually he knew he was meant to be brought back and he wasn't particularly pleased about it."

"And you believed him?"

"Where he was he could not lie, but that's not the point. I won't repeat what he told me --that's between the two of us-- but by the time I traveled to the Spirit Plane to ask for his opinion we already knew it was meant to be, we were just giving him a chance to say 'no' because Buffy didn't want to run the risk that he would be torn from Heaven like she was."

"He's a demon, somehow I don't think you need to worry about him being in Heaven."

"And you are surprised that Buffy chose not to ask for your input? Listen to yourself, dad. Yes, Spike is a vampire but not only does he have a soul, he was fighting beside you long before he got that soul and yet you fail to see him as anything but a demon."

"This is pointless. What I fail to see is why on Earth you came to the conclusion that the Powers meant for Spike to be brought back."

"Because of the nature of the spell necessary for his restoration. It was too specific, too targeted to these particular circumstances for it to be a coincidence. As far as I'm concerned when you run into a spell that has as many safeguards to keep it from being abused that kind of tells you that the one instance in which it would be possible to perform it, it is pretty much a done deal... otherwise there would be no point to the spell at all."

"Where did you find this spell and how can you be so sure it couldn't be performed under other circumstances?"

"I ran into it while looking for a way to bring Buffy back, but of course it was the wrong spell for that because she's not a vampire, rather a vampire slayer, so even though they are related they are not the same... anyway, about those safeguards, well I can't think of that many circumstances in which a living slayer would willingly shed her own blood in order to restore a vampire. That's a pretty major safeguard as far as I'm concerned." Explains Willow.

"You may be right about that, but I still don't think that's proof enough to..."

"Then add to that that the blood had to be ritually shed using the scythe."

"The ritual called specifically for the use of the scythe?"


"I see."

"We thought you might. And what would you have done if we had brought you this information and then Spike had refused to come back?" Asks Buffy.

"I don't know, but you could have told me about it once you knew he had agreed." I say, even though I realize that as an argument it is meaningless.

"And if we had we would probably have had the exact same argument because we hadn't asked you about it sooner." Replies Blair.

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