A Watcher's Son
Daddy's Little Girl
Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: The Sentinel / Buffy, the Vampire Slayer / Highlander
Rating: 13+
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A Watcher's Son


Daddy's Little Girl

Blair was dizzy and exhausted but he was also relieved. It took him a couple of minutes to get his bearings after coming out of his trance and he couldn't help but smile at the barely contained questions he could see in Buffy's eyes.

"You'll need new drapes." Were the first words out of his mouth and before he knew it he found himself with an armload of Buffy.

"He's coming back?"

"For now."

"Is he happy? And what do you mean 'for now'?"

"He's happy, when I got there he was enjoying the sun. He is at peace but he's willing to give it up."

"For now?"


"Are you going to tell me or am I going to have to beat the answer out of you?"

"He basically agreed to come back for as long as you live."

"He's doing it for me?"

"He knows it's his duty, but yes, mostly for you."

"So we are really going to do this."

"As soon as Willow says she's ready. Have you told my father?"

"No, and I really wasn't planning to."

"Good thinking... dealing with the fallout will probably be easier than having him try to stop us."

"So, you do realize that your dad won't be happy about this, right?"

"Yes, well, I know Spike may irk him more than most, but as far as I'm concerned irking him is a matter of degrees. That's unavoidable so we'll just have to deal with it... he'll just have to deal with it. It is your choice."

"You seem to be taking it remarkably well. You have met his glare, haven't you?"

"Yes, and I've met Jim's. I can handle it. Besides I don't think you'd be all that happy if you were to be forced to join a convent."

"What do you mean?"

"Has my father ever liked one of your boyfriends?"

"Well, he liked Angel before he went evil and killed Jenny... after that he was worried and with good reason."

"So he liked him as long as he kept his hands off of you."

"That's not fair, Angelus did kill his girlfriend and as far as he could tell our relationship was a very big and real danger. I could never blame Giles for hating Angel's guts."

"But he doesn't hate his guts. He respects him as long as he stays away from you. But he's not the only one, is he? What about your other boyfriends? Did he approve of any of them?"

"Well, Parker doesn't even count. He was a total jerk."

"Okay, you both hate that one equally."

"Yes, then there was Riley. He was nice enough --I guess-- but in hindsight we weren't a good match."

"And how did my dad feel about him?"

"He tolerated him, kind of. I don't think he liked him much but he never really said anything about it."

"So, so far we have one 'hates his guts' and one 'tolerated him... barely' and that's not taking Parker into account. Is there anyone else?"

"Spike, of course."

"And we both know how he feels about Spike."

"Yes, well, but keep in mind that he's a vampire and Giles has dedicated his whole life to fighting vampires, so it kind of makes sense that he wouldn't be too happy about that one. Add to that the fact that he did try to rape me once and..."

"He tried to what?"

"Ooops. Look, it's complicated and it was quite some time ago."

"Care to define 'complicated'?"

"You do know we got together shortly after I came back, right?"

"Yes... and I know you said it wasn't pretty, that you were using each other but you never mentioned anything like this."

"We were both angry at the world and then after he discovered that he could actually hurt me there was no turning back. We were already heading in that direction before that happened, but that kind of sealed it. We would basically hurt each other to make ourselves feel better. It wasn't love, it was an escape."

"And then something changed."

"Yes, I wanted to break it off but he wasn't listening and I had said 'no' without really meaning it so often that when I finally did mean it he didn't notice the difference. When he realized what he had almost done he was horrified. He took off and we didn't see him again until several months later. By then he was acting all crazy and he had his soul. By that time I really didn't want anything to do with him but eventually I did forgive him... of course, he never actually believed me."

"You forgave him, but my dad didn't."

"As far as Giles was concerned he was an evil vampire that should be staked on sight up until the very end. He even tried to have him killed behind my back. He said that I could do better."

"And that's exactly why I say that unless you want to join a convent you will have to deal with my dad's disapproval. Whether it's Spike or someone else, as far as he is concerned there is never going to be anyone who is even remotely good enough for his little girl."

"Then how come he doesn't have a problem with anyone else's choices?"

"Well, let's see. First of all, you are his slayer."

"Which basically means I can take care of myself."

"Yes, and it also means that helping you --keeping you safe from those things he can actually protect you from-- is his top priority and as far as he is concerned I suspect that men rank pretty high on that list."

"Okay, that may be true, but..."

"Then you have the fact that Xander's a guy and his girlfriends are less likely to trigger his overprotective frenzy..."

"Which is totally unfair considering some of his choices."

"Granted. Then you have Willow who's gay. I suspect that --because she's a girl-- Tara slipped under his radar until it was too late for him to freak out about it. Tara is with Willow so that's not really an issue. Anya actually joined the group as Xander's girlfriend so he didn't have to go into a frenzy over that one either... but don't worry, if it makes you feel any better I suspect it won't be long before he has more than one loathed boyfriend to worry about. Of course, by then he won't be the only one freaking out, I'm pretty sure you'll be right there, keeping him company."

"What do you mean?"

"How long do you think it will be before Dawn starts dating someone seriously?"

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