A Watcher's Son
Do You Have What It Takes?
Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: The Sentinel / Buffy, the Vampire Slayer / Highlander
Rating: 13+
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A Watcher's Son


Do You Have What It Takes?

"Okay, let me get this straight, you want us to bring Spike back?" Said Willow.


"You are sure about that?"

"Yes, can you pull it off?"

"Oh, I'm pretty sure it won't be a problem."

"But the Urn of Osiris was lost."

"And that would have been a big issue if we were trying to bring someone back to life, but Spike is a vampire. He's already dead so we won't be needing it. The spell to restore a vampire is completely different. In fact it's far less complicated than the one we used to bring you back. I mean, I first ran into this spell back when we were researching the Rite of Osiris and at the time it sounded kind of cryptic even though it's really quite straight forward. Of course back then it didn't really help 'cause, well, you are not a vampire so I had no use for it but now I don't think bringing Spike back would be all that difficult."

"Then why aren't vampires bringing back their fallen comrades? I mean, you make it sound like it's almost easy." Asked Buffy.

"Well, the spell itself is extremely simple as far as the casting of it goes, though the ritual is not well known or documented because no one has ever really tried it before."

"That's what I don't understand, why hasn't it been tried if it's so easy? I mean some vamps can be pretty obsessed with their Sires or their lovers or whatever, and yet the closest thing we've seen to someone trying to reraise a vampire was when the Master's followers kidnapped you... and even then they needed the bones, which we don't have."

"it doesn't matter. The spell I want to use is not the same that the Master's followers were attempting so the 'no bones' thing won't be an obstacle. As to why there aren't tons of vamps trying to bring their friends back using this spell, well, that's because even though the spell is simple enough, one of the ingredients is all but impossible to come by."

"Then how come you are not worried about it?"

"Because it's not an issue."

"What? You've been taking cryptic lessons? How can it be 'all but impossible to come by' and 'not an issue'? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy I don't have to keep dusting the same vamps time and time again, but it does sound kind of weird."

"Yes, having recyclable vamps wouldn't be of the good, but what I'm trying to say is that the ingredient that makes this spell all but impossible to cast in most instances won't represent the tiniest bit of trouble in this particular case. You see, the spell calls for the blood of a living slayer, freely given and shed by the scythe. We have the slayer --you-- we have the scythe --which was lost up until a few months ago-- and you are the one who wants the spell cast in the first place, so instant 'no problem'. That's why I had to be sure that you really wanted him back."

"Damn, sometimes I hate it when Blair is right. I mean, it's great that it's possible and all that but... damn."

"Why? What did he say?"

"He said that if Spike was meant to be brought back the Powers would have left a loophole that would enable us to bring him back and now you're telling me that not only is there such a loophole but that the Powers pretty much made sure such loophole applied only under the current circumstances. I mean, this is probably the closest thing we could possibly get to a direct order to bring him back."

"And that's a problem?"


"So have you spoken to Giles about this?"

"No, I just talked it over with Blair. I haven't mentioned anything about this to Giles and I don't intend to. It's not his call."

"He won't be happy about that."

"About the fact that I won't ask for his opinion or about the fact that I'm considering the possibility of bringing Spike back?"

"Come to think about it we'll have a doubly pissed watcher to deal with if we do this."

"Yes, well, if I were to ask he would either veto the idea or maybe he would pretty much order us to go ahead and I don't like either of those two options so I just won't ask him. Besides, he wanted to get rid of Spike even before the final battle so I guess I know how he feels about him."

"In other words you want us to do it first and tell him later? 'Cause let me tell you that I'd rather deal with a whole nest of vampires on my own and using no magic. He was pretty pissed when we brought you back and I'm so not looking forward to a repeat performance."

"I know he won't be happy about the whole not telling him thing --and I promise I'll deal with that one myself-- but one of the reasons why I won't even mention it to him is because I'm not so sure whether or not we should do it at all. That's not up to me either."

"Then who's supposed to make that call? If you won't do it and Giles won't even be told about it..."

"Spike. Whether or not we bring him back is up to him. It should be his choice."

"Okay, now it's my turn to ask about those cryptic lessons."

"It was Blair's idea really. I was kind of confused so he told me to ask you if it's even possible."

"I get that but how do we go from Blair suggesting that you ask us to letting Spike make the decision?"

"I think Blair... he's going to try and contact Spike, right?" Interrupted Tara.

"Yes, he volunteered to do his shaman thing and see if we could get Spike to tell us what he wants."

"But you want him back?"

"Yes, I do and going by what you told me I'm guessing he really should be brought back but I don't care. If the Powers say he should be brought back an he says he's happy being dead then he'll stay dead... well deader anyway, he's been dead for a while. Okay, so words sometimes tend to go wonky when talking about vampires."

"We get what you mean... and I guess maybe that's what we should have done back then too, right? When we brought you back."

"I don't know. I mean if you had asked me back then I would have said 'no way, no how, I'm staying here' but now I'm kind of glad to be back so maybe it's good that you didn't ask. I guess I should have said that sooner, I mean I thanked you back then but I didn't mean it and then you found out that I really didn't mean it."

"And now you mean it?"

"Yes, I mean it."

"Isn't there another 'mean' the two of you mean to throw into this little exchange?" Teased Tara.

"Now you are just being mean."

Author's Note: As far as this universe goes Angel canon will be ignored except for the handful of episodes that have a direct impact on Buffy-related canon (and in case it ever comes up the same goes for Highlander: the Raven and all the Highlander movies).

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