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Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: Saint Seiya
Rating: 13+
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Star Wars

Her baffled expression definitely wasn't befitting of a Goddess of wisdom, but she couldn't help it. She reread that letter once more and finally gave up. She could already feel the tension mounting between her Saints and the newcomers. Both groups seemed to be suspicious of the other, both groups of Saints claimed to be her true guardians, and both claims were founded. She may have been a goddess but that was little comfort considering the mess and confusion unleashed in HER ranks by generations of astronomers.

Since praying to the gods for their help wasn't an option, she tried looking for guidance in some of her most experienced guardians (probably the wise thing to do), but the look of despair in Mu's eyes told her that she better look elsewhere.

And then again there was that detail about the appearance of the Cloths of the newcomers... if they were to guard a Goddess they would have to do something about their sense of style. All of them looked definitely dated, and some were plain silly. She couldn't imagine them going into battle with such clumsy outfits, for instance the Argo Navis Saint seemed to be wearing three cloths at once over a naked body (and Saori quickly reminded herself that that naked body could cause some major trouble with censorship in some countries). She sighed.

The voices were getting louder and sometimes it was hard to follow what was being said, since everybody insisted on speaking at the same time. The idea of having the most powerful warriors lose their tempers was dangerous to the world at large. They had defeated Ares, Poseidon and survived their experiences in Asgard, but now it seemed increasingly unlikely that they would survive the brutal attack of astronomers and cartographers.

They were arguing over who had the right to draw the power of every single star in the firmament, even Seiya and Shun were arguing with each other about Alpheratz. She would have expected that at least Ikki would have been left alone, given that the Phoenix is a modern constellation and it hasn't been altered that much since it's inception, but she had forgotten about the ill-fated attempts of both Weigel and Schiller. However, in spite of everything the truth was that, except for some minor quarrelling mostly between themselves her bronze boys were having a reasonably quiet time... she couldn't say the same about some of her other guardians.

Carina, Puppis and Vela were arguing with a huge old man (the one wearing his ridiculous cloth over a naked body). The only thing the four of them had agreed upon was on telling Pyxis to shut up. And then there was the problem with Shaina who had just been told that she should be ranked as a Gold rather than a Silver Saint, obviously the idea had appealed to her.

At one point she looked around and suddenly felt totally overwhelmed. Now she had a cat, an owl, a tiger and a reindeer (who did they think she was?... Santa?), not to mention an electrical machine (she was curious as to the abilities of that particular Saint), a hot air balloon (who certainly needed to go on a very strict diet), a printing press, and someone who claimed to be the Saint of the Jordan River (who was arguing with the Eridanus Saint). Still, the delicate appearance of the Lily Saint was a pleasant relief amidst the chaos.

Some unexpected but rather curious arguments were taking place. She had been surprised when she discovered the Ancient Scorpio Saint among the newcomers. His cloth was an odd combination of those of the Scorpio and the Libra Saints (he asked to be recognized as a Diamond Saint but when someone pointed out to him that diamond isn't a metal he demanded to be considered a Platinum Saint). Luckily there didn't seem to be that many pre-greek cloths over all, nor did there appear to be any ancient forms of herself.

At least she could be grateful that there hadn't been any language problems (where had the Saints of the deceased constellations learned Japanese is anybody's guess), but she didn't want to imagine what it would have been like if there had been Egyptian, Sumerian, Persian, Ugaritic, Hittite, Chinese, Hindi and Native American Saints, to name but a few.

Not all of the newcomers appeared to be violent though, and she could already see a couple of friendships beginning to emerge, for instance Shun and the Antinoo Saint seemed to be getting off to a good start, though this seemed to annoy Ikki as well as some of the newcomers.

She sat down, it looked like it was going to be a very long night, so she might as well make herself comfortable, and let her Saints work out their differences amongst themselves.

Who ever said that the stars were fixed?


1-Argo Navis was split into Carina, Puppis and Vela. Pyxis was created in the XVIII century out of some faint stars in that same area (how did a Greek ship get a compass is open for debate).

2-Ophiuchus does cross the ecliptic.

3-Libra used to be part of Scorpio in the VERY old days.

4-Traditionally Alpheratz has been both alfa Andromedae and delta Pegasii (until 1933).

5-Weigel and Schiller attempted to redesign the constellations according to Europe's ruling families, and Christian Saints.

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