Without a Clue
Without A Clue
Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Rating: 13+
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Without A Clue

I couldn't even feel the pain anymore, the world was sad and lonely. There was no one there... where were they? I had searched for what seemed as an eternity, trying to make some sense out of the desolation that surrounded me. Hoping against all hope that searching would someday yield an answer to those questions I couldn't even put into words. Hoping that something could explain what words couldn't, even though I knew that the answer was hidden somewhere within me... and the possibility of what that answer could be terrified me.

I felt like a monster, but I couldn't tell you why. My memories were vague, fragmentary, almost non-existent, and the few pieces I had sternly refused to fit in together. They were like flashes of light in an ocean of darkness., and like flashes they were blinding, disappearing before I could grasp them. Leaving me as soon as they came and making me even more aware of the darkness that surrounded me.

I was exhausted, but I had to keep looking for an answer. I was alone. How silly! The world was sad and lonely but I was still afraid of the unknown, my only assurance coming from the familiar grip of the Silence Glaive in my hand.

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Sections: Home/Blog/Books Frida Saal Fanfiction POD Comparison Contact us!

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