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Still sick

Okay, so it’s been almost two weeks and I’m just starting to feel a little better. Whatever this bug happens to be, it hit me pretty hard. I am trying to get back in the rhythm of things but that’s not easy, especially not when all I really want to do is curl into my bed (or in this particular case my hammock) and sleep for a week. The problem is not just that I feel miserable, but also that I am starting to panic because working thirteen/fourteen hours a day is just not happening right now and as a result I can’t help but to feel that I am falling behind… something that just adds to my sense of panic.

Oh well, hopefully things will get back to what passes for normal eventually, or something like it.

Sorry if this is not much of an update, it’s just that I’m at that annoying point of my recovery where I want to do more but I just can’t.