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Trying to get back in the rhythm of things… again

Do I even have to say ‘ARGH!‘ I mean, first I go on vacation (okay, so I definitely needed that), then I have a mad dash to finish last years projects. I get them done, but then, just as I’m starting to get back into my projects and things begin moving in the right direction, I get sick and spend a month basically out of commission (what can I say, writing is one of those things you really shouldn’t attempt when your brain seems to have been reduced to some sort of a bloody goo that threatens to leak out of your ears). Now that I’m finally almost back to normal I am trying to get reacquainted with my projects, but the truth is that it’s been something of a struggle. I think part of the problem is that, even though I’m doing better, I’m still in no shape to work as many hours as I usually do, but at the same time I am reluctant to cut back in my number of hours for fear of losing my rhythm, that leaves me pretending to work on one of those projects, and that in turn feels like cheating, something that annoys me to no end.

Oh, well, next week I’ll probably try to rearrange things so that a book that is being revised, rather than one that is currently being written, will wind up with that last position of the day, and hopefully that will make it possible for me to get back on track, but somehow I get the feeling that my schedule for 2014 is effectively shot.

How to put an end to a stubborn cough

As you may remember, I’ve been pretty sick these past couple of weeks, and even though I’m doing better, I’m still not at a 100%. Anyway, a few days ago I had a coughing fit that had me basically puking all over myself (someone was burning leaves, and seeing how there’s no escaping the air you breathe, well, let’s just say that it got pretty scary). Needless to say that that was not an experience I wanted to repeat. In fact it was so bad that it had me googling the subject to see if a) I had to get myself to a doctor ASAP, and b) what I could do to avoid a repeat performance… especially the latter.

What I found when it came to the first one was that the cough sometimes sticks around for as long as eight weeks after the infection itself has cleared out, and that if the cough was the only problem I was dealing with, then going to the doctor was probably not the brightest of  ideas (something about the fact that a doctor’s office is  not a place you want to be in when your system is already somewhat compromised because it is a place where the bugs of all the different patients get to meet and greet). Okay, that made sense, and at least I knew that chances were that the problem wasn’t all that serious, that was definitely good news. Unfortunately when it came to the second one of my questions the answer was less than encouraging: the cough was likely to be a persistent one and it was unlikely to respond to treatment, thanks for playing. Needless to say that I was not what I wanted to hear. Still, I figured that maybe this was one instance in which maybe I could try a few home remedies combined with a bit of common sense. Continue reading How to put an end to a stubborn cough

Still sick

Okay, so it’s been almost two weeks and I’m just starting to feel a little better. Whatever this bug happens to be, it hit me pretty hard. I am trying to get back in the rhythm of things but that’s not easy, especially not when all I really want to do is curl into my bed (or in this particular case my hammock) and sleep for a week. The problem is not just that I feel miserable, but also that I am starting to panic because working thirteen/fourteen hours a day is just not happening right now and as a result I can’t help but to feel that I am falling behind… something that just adds to my sense of panic.

Oh well, hopefully things will get back to what passes for normal eventually, or something like it.

Sorry if this is not much of an update, it’s just that I’m at that annoying point of my recovery where I want to do more but I just can’t.