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Trying to get back in the rhythm of things… again

Do I even have to say ‘ARGH!‘ I mean, first I go on vacation (okay, so I definitely needed that), then I have a mad dash to finish last years projects. I get them done, but then, just as I’m starting to get back into my projects and things begin moving in the right direction, I get sick and spend a month basically out of commission (what can I say, writing is one of those things you really shouldn’t attempt when your brain seems to have been reduced to some sort of a bloody goo that threatens to leak out of your ears). Now that I’m finally almost back to normal I am trying to get reacquainted with my projects, but the truth is that it’s been something of a struggle. I think part of the problem is that, even though I’m doing better, I’m still in no shape to work as many hours as I usually do, but at the same time I am reluctant to cut back in my number of hours for fear of losing my rhythm, that leaves me pretending to work on one of those projects, and that in turn feels like cheating, something that annoys me to no end.

Oh, well, next week I’ll probably try to rearrange things so that a book that is being revised, rather than one that is currently being written, will wind up with that last position of the day, and hopefully that will make it possible for me to get back on track, but somehow I get the feeling that my schedule for 2014 is effectively shot.