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Pick your own world

ARGH, I hate having to even think about marketing, and yet here I am… AGAIN! I have released my books, but as usual it is what comes after that that seems like the most daunting prospect. I know I should at least give it a try, I get that, but the thing is that while I enjoy blogging (at least to a certain extent, I’m not so fond of it in those days in which it seems to have become something of a chore), I am not good at self-promoting, I’d much rather be writing, and even when it comes to blogging I know I have failed miserably when it comes to keeping this thing professional (read I’d rather blog about cats and hammocks than about me, me, ME!!!). To make matters worse there is also the fact that, as soon as I start looking for marketing ideas my mind begins to wander… there are so many things I find so much more appealing, and unfortunately my sales, or lack thereof, tend to reflect that fact.

Sometimes I get worried about that, but then I turn on my computer and I see two paths opening in front of me. I can write or I can market. I can focus on the real world, or I can push it aside and build my own. I hesitate for a moment and then I click on my word processor… that gateway to the world I’d rather live in.