The King of the Hill

Hard to believe it’s been a year

A year ago today I lost one of my best friends. No, he wasn’t human but that doesn’t mean that he was less than human. Six months ago, in one of my first posts I featured some photos of his final year, today I am sharing a few of his first one (you can see the other batch of photos here)… and yes, even though it’s been a year ‘already’ it doesn’t really feel like an already at all. In fact I still miss him like crazy!

So, without more ado, here is the little fellow back when he was really little:

The King of the Hill
The King of the Hill
A little mischief
A little mischief
The Mighty Would-be Hunter (not that he ever killed anything)
The Mighty Would-be Hunter (not that he ever managed to kill anything)

And now for a little family background:

The Little Fellow's Mother (yes, I'm still missing her too)
The little fellow’s mother (yes, I’m still missing her too)
Two of His Brothers
Two of his brothers (er, yes, if I hadn’t been there when he was born I too would have assumed that the little fellow was adopted)

Okay, That’s it for today. I apologize for the overdose of cute, but this little fellow was my almost constant companion for close to fourteen years and today hit me hard.

2 thoughts on “Hard to believe it’s been a year”

  1. Your sweet things sure were absolutely Beautiful. Its their love, care, purrs and personalities that are fond memories we hold onto.They live on in our memories and in our hearts! Sending my sincere care to you! I lost two that looked similar to yours!! One in January 2011 and another in July of 2011. Later on this month Poopie my Black munchkin soon it will be a year since his passing. Times flies but as hard as it seems. My heart doesn’t seem to want to go on. On 12/7/12 I was in the ER. The same date I gave birth to my daughter at that very same hospital so many years ago. My heart was racing and seeing no finish line. Our fur-kids can sure earn forever spots in our hearts. I live by knowing one day I’ll see them all again when its my time to go.. Sending my well wishes for you to find comfort. Please know they can still visit you and send you signs that you will understand. Take care!! ~~Linda~

    1. Yes, he was beautiful, as was his mom (and his brothers, though I lost track of those when they were only a few months old). Losing pets is painful, but that is something we have to accept from the moment we take them into our hearts. Of course, when they leave us, or when an anniversary comes along, that is not much comfort, but we all carry them with us in our own ways. Take care,

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