Perfectly reasonable

I was just reading an article about the lighting of the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center and I have to say that it really annoyed me. It was supposed to be this ‘feel good’ piece about how a tree that had survived Sandy had been transformed into a sort of beacon of hope or some such nonsense by being decked with thousands of lights… that this entailed chopping said tree down wasn’t even deemed worth mentioning. Yes, they did state that once the festivities are over it will be turned into lumber and be put to good use by Habitat for Humanity, but that’s in the fine print (it is literally in the last sentence of the article). I mean, is it me or someone has a twisted idea of what ‘survival’ means?

Oh well, I guess someone somewhere thought that killing it was a good way to celebrate the fact that it had survived. After all, that is what is commonly known as being ‘perfectly reasonable’.

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