So it’s been almost a year

Yikes, I just realized that it’s been almost a year since my last post… sorry about that!
As you probably know I’ve had some issues with my current host, I am currently working on a solution. I’m still not sure what form that one’s going to take, but I have a number of ideas for things I want to do that I’m actually excited about.
As for my writing, it’s coming along, but life got a little out of hand over the last couple of years, and I’m trying to get back on track (okay, so the fact that I decided to tackle a massive project has probably had something to do with my silence).
Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I’m still around, and here’s hoping it won’t be another year between updates!

6 thoughts on “So it’s been almost a year”

  1. Change hosts. I will be moving four sites from my current host to a new host soon. It’s not difficult if you go with a host that migrates you sites for you for free. Good luck!!!

    1. That’s what I did the last time around… and then realized that the host in question had a bunch of false advertising, and had disabled the backup wizard (and I have some time to go in my contract, but I’m past the money back guarantee)

      1. Wow! Don’t know which host(s) you’ve been using, but my old host will give me a complete pro-rated refund for the unused time that I have paid for when I move to another host.

        If it matters, my new host will be InMotion—who does offer free migration of your site from the old host to their servers (estimated 5-10 days and it happens in the background).

        Look InMotion up: very highly rated among WordPress hosts.

        PS: InMotion will give me everything that my old host provides PLUS other bonuses at about half the cost!

        1. I’m looking into hosting options right now, so thanks for the tip, though the truth is that while the hosting thing has a lot to do with why this site has been neglected (I got tired of working my butt off, only to have my host knock my site offline whenever I got some traffic going), there are also other issues that make me want to start over. Chief among those is the fact that in a way booksandtales has become a victim of its own success.

          Simply put, the site has been around for fourteen years, and it is heavily associated with the POD comparison, but the POD scene itself has changed too much since those early days, and createspace is the clear winner. Yes, there is a niche market for publishers that offer more comprehensive packages, but I just don’t feel it’s worth the trouble of keeping it updated.

          I did consider the possibility of taking it down altogether, but that too felt wrong. As an alternative I created a separate blog for my books about a year ago, but it feels too limiting, so right now I’m leaning towards creating a new site that’s better suited to today’s web, and see where that takes me.

          1. Well, whatever you do, it certainly sounds like a new host is order.

            Booksandtales was/is a marvelous site. Keep it up as a piece of history. Or find a likeminded someone to update it for you.

            Whatever new blog you create, whatever theme you decide upon, I sure did like the graphics you had in your original site . . .

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