6 thoughts on “Keep on spinning”

        1. Actually I used to have one here, but I took it down because it was a bit of a resource hog.
          Anyway, at wordpress.com there are a few restrictions in terms of what I can do, but the theme I’m using does allow for a slider. I did consider going for that option, but it took longer for the images to circle through than the average user’s visit, so I decided to go with a grid that could be taken in at a glance instead (I may change it in the future though)

          1. Self host. It’s very affordable and you’re your own boss . . .

            I just changed themes on my three sites, using a slider on one of them. It can be impressive!

            And some sliders can be timed: I have mine set for a rather slow pace (9 seconds with a slow fade), as I don’t wanna “razzledazzle” readers.

  1. As I said, I used to have a slider, then I gave up on the idea for a number of reasons. Besides, another thing that’s happened is that when I decided to create a separate blog, and chose not to get my own domain, I also lost some of my ability to personalize my site. On the plus side, I no longer have to worry about the possibility that my site will be taken off line for using too many resources if there is a traffic spike (with my existing host that had grown into a bit of an issue). In case you are interested, you can read about that decision here:

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