I’m (sort of) back

Hi guys, sorry about the vanishing act. Life has been pretty crazy lately, but I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth (yet). Anyway, I am working on a couple of projects, and I’m almost done with a new book. I’m really excited about it, though I don’t expect it to be all that successful (do I think it has potential? Yes, and lots of it, but seeing how I still haven’t figured out how to squeeze more that 24 hours into the day, and that I’d rather spend those hours focusing on writing than on marketing, I don’t know how much good that will do me).

I’ll keep you posted, and I’ll also try to do better in terms of updating this blog. Yes, I know it’s been seriously neglected these past few months, but as I said, life was getting in the way, and some minor issues -like that hacking attempt, plus the problems with my host- had left me feeling incredibly frustrated. Hopefully things will go a little better from now on.


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