Start, stop, delete, repeat

No, this blog isn’t dead, I’m just having a hard time actually getting things posted. To tell you the truth I’m not entirely sure why that is… maybe it’s just that none of the posts I’ve started and then deleted seems to fit.When I started this blog I meant to keep it professional, then it got a little more personal, but somehow it’s still stuck in limbo, and the fact that I’m a little fed up with the oversharing that I can see all around me in the form of constant -and rather pointless- updates is making matters worse.

One thought on “Start, stop, delete, repeat”

  1. Don’t worry. Whenever and whatever you put up is fine with me. I am struggling with life getting in the way so my blog is basically a picture of whatever art I manage to do or finish in that week. However if I don’t have internet access then no posting gets done so I schedule it so I don’t have a bunch of posts on one day.

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