The price of free (or why I won’t be upgrading to Mavericks any time soon)

So Apple’s new OS is out and it is free. Users should be delighted, right? Um… maybe not so much. The problem is that, very quietly, Apple has gotten rid of a tiny little feature: the ability to sync locally. In fact you are now forced to use iCloud… whether you want to, or not.

Well, I hear you say, the cloud is the way of the future. Who syncs at the local level anyway? What decade do you think this is? The answer is that I know what decade it is, but I also know Apple cannot be trusted with my private data, what did you do? Sleep through the revelations that came out this past summer? Does the name Snowden ring a bell? And before you tell me that I shouldn’t worry if I don’t have anything to hide, let me tell you that the fact that I don’t have anything to hide doesn’t mean that I’m going to be volunteering to be strip searched any time soon either.

Oh, and before you decided that I’m a tinfoil hat nut, let me reassure you that I do use cloud storage on a daily basis, and I find it extremely convenient… I just refuse to use Apple’s version of the blasted thing. They can choose to collaborate with the NSA, but if they do I want to retain the right to store my information elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “The price of free (or why I won’t be upgrading to Mavericks any time soon)”

  1. Apple seems to assume that everyone lives where there is good cell phone service or access to good internet. I hope my old apple computer keeps chugging along because it doesn’t look like upgrading to a newer computer will be beneficial for me.

    1. I don’t think individual users complaining are going to be enough to get Apple to change tacks, but if enough corporate clients ban Mavericks hopefully they will backtrack. I mean, given the latest headlines I don’t think may European companies are going to be lining up to trust Apple, or any other American company, with regards to privacy any time soon.

      For me the main problem is that I am addicted to a program called Scrivener, so switching OS is not an option… hopefully my computer will last a very long time though, because as long as this attitude is in place, I am staying put.

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