How do you explain that you actually love what you do?

Someone suggested that maybe I should take a break, go on vacation for a few days beyond the couple of weeks I go visit my family each year. A part of me found the idea appealing. To see new sights, to do new things, and taste new flavors (especially the latter). Then I tried to picture myself actually going. What would I want to see or do? Well, there are countless places I would love to visit, but in spite of that the image that came to my mind was mostly one of myself in a hotel room, typing away in my computer, far from home.

Granted, a couple of hours of being on vacation in some exotic location a day sounds great, and taking a break from what I charitably describe as ‘my own cooking’ would most definitely be a welcome relief, but until teleporting becomes an option going on vacation remains an all or nothing proposition. You are either there or you are home… and the truth is that for most of the time I’d rather be doing what I am actually doing.

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